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on Wednesday, August 24, 2011 | 2 comments

For those of you android users, especially those still a newbie who wants to know what it is rooting and what the benefits for our android, so here I will explain. Listen ya:)

Root literally means "akar (indonesia)". Technically it can be said the Super User. When we buy the first Android Hp, we do not have full access to the Android we are or are protectable as a vendor, so there's still the original standard and maybe we have not been able to embed applications and games from the android.

Benefits rooting:

  1. Have full control over your hp
  2. Can install App2sd enabler, so if you can install applications directly into the external memory
  3. Save battery life, because it can set up the actual application is not so important that eat battery power by default 
     4. Can install the theme / launcher to display

Impact of rooting :

If Mobile we are still under warranty, the warranty will be lost if we complain to the service center. However, these impacts can be overcome by unroot. (So why do not worry, it still proved to be safe). Moreover, if we fail merooting our android, there may be damage to the software (Said, But so far I have never experienced, even my friends too) 

 How to rooting:
  1. Make sure your battery Android more than 50%.
  2. Install Applications from the CD to your Mobile Android Mobile Android can be connected to a PC / Notebook (for example here I user Galaxy, install Application Kies
  3. Make sure your USB in DEBUG mode when connected to a PC / Notebook. (For mini Galaxy / Galaxy Fit, go to settings, applications, development, tick the USB debug mode)
  4. Use Applications SuperOne Click applikasinya can be downloaded here   -> DOWNLOAD SUPER ONE CLICK    
  5. After downloading extract the SuperOne Click on your PC, open SuperOneClick.exe
  6. Wait until you read the Android cell phone
    If you've read, click ROOT, and follow the step beyond.
  7. At the end of the process click OK.
    To find your Android succeed in ROOT, look at the menu, if any Android application SuperOneClick then you have succeeded in ROOT ==>

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