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on Sunday, August 28, 2011 | 1 comments
If you ever play the game 'GBA' on the computer, now you can enjoy the game on android phone with the emulator. Emulator is called 'TigerGBA' or can also use theemulator 'Gameboid'.

Tutorial install Emulator Tiger GBA here ==>

street fighter alpha 3
How To Install and Play Game :

  1. Download Emulator and Bios here ==> DOWNLOAD
  2. Download Game ==> Street Fighter Alpha3
  3. Install this emulator ,example I am use the emulator 'TigerGBA'
  4. Create a new folder on your sdcard in the name of roms, in that roms folder createanother folder called GBA
  5. Put the BIOS on the folder roms/GBA
  6. Open the emulator is installed (ex  'TigerGBA'). Select the BIOS and Settings, check "Quick Roms Search".

How to enter the Game :
  1. if you have already downloaded the gameExtract 
  2. Put Games on the folder roms /GBA
  3. Open the emulator games 'GBA', select search
  4. Enjoy with Game
Download More GBA Game here ==>

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Nancy M. Dukes said...

Very Nice. I really like it. Keep sharing such useful information..!!!
I would love it. You will check it out this game! Radiant Fighter you love this game. Also FREE to Download from Google Play.

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