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on Sunday, August 28, 2011 | 14 comments
If you ever play the game 'GBA' on the computer, now you can enjoy the game on android phone with the emulator. Emulator is called 'TigerGBA' or can also use theemulator 'Gameboid'.

Surely you are familiar with this legendary game "Harvest Moon". Now you can enjoythis game on Android phone. Curious?
Let me show you how to install it.

screenshot harvest moon friends of mineral town

How To Install and Play Game :

  1. Download Emulator and Bios here ==> DOWNLOAD
  2. Download Game ==> Harvest Moon Friends Of Mineral Town
  3. Install this emulator ,example I am use the emulator 'TigerGBA'
  4. Create a new folder on your sdcard in the name of roms, in that roms folder createanother folder called GBA
  5. Put the BIOS on the folder roms/GBA
  6. Open the emulator is installed (ex  'TigerGBA'). Select the BIOS and Settings, check "Quick Roms Search".

How to enter the Game :

  1. if you have already downloaded the game. Extract 
  2. Put Games on the folder roms /GBA
  3. Open the emulator games 'GBA', select search
  4. Enjoy with Game
Download More GBA Game here ==>

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Tatiana said...


Dachi_sa said...

it works... XD
bye the way, if you dont mind, do you know where's the link for download this Harvest moon Girls version?

Fizie♥Lily forever~~^^ said...

oh please....
help me ...
i juz dont understand the instruction ...
please help me the owner...
i play these game since i was 10 years old..
i wanna play this game in ma android soo badd ;(

Ara Azzura said...

Why I can't open the game?

djnikaido said...

it works (:
i've started play it on my android since 9months ago ( downloaded on this site [thank you] )

the game is more wondeful than the ps1 "back to nature",
but the story life is so so far~

"Back to Nature" : 3years
"Friends of Mineral Town" : 50years (the actor's age [or let's say, 52 years] )

be "tirety tired" when you play that game (FoMT)
but don't be so "damn! man.." 'cause the story events in every season will not make you too bored to play it. :D

Ridha Erlina said...

I love to play this game on my pc. But when I try this app on my android, I met a problem. When I enter to jeff shop to buy some seed, I Can not select which one to buy. I have tried to select seed use many keys such A, B, L or R, but it's not work. Can you help me, I think I must set up the virtual keyboard, but I don't know how. Please, really need help.

KatMakesYourHeartBeat said...

How do you open this? I am confused

klyde Losbanes said...

@Dachi_sa: you can use ROMS from VBA on PC if you have one. i just guessed that you have a HMMFMT (female version) on VBA.. but if you dont have you can download roms at these sites,,

klyde Losbanes said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
klyde Losbanes said...

@KatMakesYourHeartBeat @Fizie♥Lily forever~~^^ hey guys.. just follow dude's instructions..if u can't understand i'll make it easier for all of you..its easier if you connect your android phone to your PC and use the pc to do the following. just create a folder on your SD card and name it roms, then inside that folder create another folder GBA. Download the gameboy application here, extract it. the rar file will give you 3 files 2 emulators and 1 bios file (remember extract the files inside the folder GBA, you should also extrect the ROMS ther). for me i used the TIGER gba..delete the .rar file and the other (emulator).apk.. donwload the HMFMT here extract then delete the .rar fil (i dunno if it was really a .rar file).. unplug your phone then install the tigerGBA.apk.. run the app... and there you go.. if you want other ROMS i just posted it enjoy guys!!

moemoeh said...

Hello guys you can also download free emultor for your andoid here or emuparadise check it out on google you can download psp emulator, ps1 and nds and gba its

WYIC said...

how to
read the emulator file in my android?

amber's said...

it works :D thnks! bt is cursed tools also included? bcs im using andriod and having trouble finding the cursed tools: P hope you'll answer! thnks

Nick Xyra said...

Why i cant save this game? It said that buy a full version, so that i start all over again. Why???

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